On October 27, 2001 the first whooping crane family group of the fall in Texas
was sighted on the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge.  Based on the general
location of where it was seen, and Canadian data on what pairs still had
chicks in August, the family could be the N.  Sundown Bay family group from
nest 34/01.  I'll try to confirm this on my next aerial census flight on
November 1.

At present, 12+1=13 whoopers are accounted for at Aransas.  We had good
migration conditions for cranes to arrive October 25-27, with the first
whoopers of the fall sighted October 25th.   I heard geese flying overhead
during that period and saw white-fronts this morning (Oct. 29th) at

The Pacific low currently in the central U.S. is NOT pushing into Oklahoma
or Texas.   The next front expected to reach the Texas coast is forecast to
arrive  on November 4.

Tom Stehn