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The following report is forwarded with permission from Tom Stehn, USFWS biologist and US Whooping Crane Coordinator.

Where applicable, CWS stands for Canadian Wildlife Service; USFWS is US Fish and Wildlife Service. Crane monitoring involves cooperative efforts and support by both countries.

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An aerial census of the Aransas NWR and surrounding areas made October 25, 2001 estimated 8 adults and 0 young present on Aransas.

Recap of cranes observed (8)

Refuge Lamar San Jose Matagorda Welder Other Total

0 0 6 0 28 + 0 = 8

Remarks Today's flight documented the presence of whooping cranes at Aransas for the first time this fall. No cranes had been present on the previous flight 10/18/01.

The tail end of a strong cold front that created blizzard conditions in North Dakota brought strong north winds to the Texas coast starting just after midnight on October 25. These were the first north winds that had occurred since the last flight on October 18th. This front provided favorable migration conditions and presumably aided the arrival of the cranes at Aransas riding the leading edge of the front. Winds were from the north at 20 mph during today's flight. Two of the cranes may have arrived in late morning, not having been found earlier on the flight.

Adult pair 38/01 with banded crane R-YbY was identified on their territory on San Jose. The other 6 cranes found on the flight were unbanded.

- Tom Stehn

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