Hi Patty:
I have an update for you concerning one of the two WHOOPING CRANES returning
to  (hopefully) Florida.

The female from the pair, WHITNEY, has shown up in Tennessee.  She was at a
small farm pond in Greene County in the community of Chuckey, Tn. near the
town of Greeneville just off Interstate 81. Greeneville is near Knoxville.

Whitney was seen by about a dozen members of the Tennessee Ornithological
Society on Sunday November 26, 2000.  Also at the location were four members
from the International Crane Foundation who are tracking her progress on her
return trip.  Unfortunately no one knows the where abouts of the male bird. 
Someone said he got lost because he is a MALE and wont stop and ask for

My wife, Cynthia and I plan to visit the Blythe Ferry Goose Management Area
tomorrow.  This area is near Chattanooga, Tn. and is an important Spring and
Winter stop over area for Sandhill Cranes on their annual migration to and
from Florida.  I received an unconfirmed report from a reliable source that
one of the members from  ICF stated today that both Cranes had made a
stop-over at Blythe Ferry this past Spring on their northward migration.  We
are betting that she will fly into Blythe Ferry tomorrow.  Neither Cynthia
nor I were at Chuckey, Tn. to see the bird.   Wish us luck on Monday!!!!!!!!

I tried to post this information on BIRDHAWK since I read your post there a
couple of days ago.  I was not successful so, I am sending it to you instead.

Jimmy & Cynthia Wilkerson
Soddy Mountain Hawk Watch
Hixson / Chattanooga, Tennessee