good morning bird friends

this mornings local newspaper
(Florida Today) carried a story
that i thought all would find of interest.

'Whooping crane eggs vanish'

St. Petersburg - The first whooping crane eggs laid in the U.S. wild in decades have vanished from their nest, and biologists suspect they were eaten by a predator.

"This is nature being nature", state Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission spokesman Henry Cabbage said Wednesday.

Biologists were monitoring the nest daily and on Saturday the two eggs were fine, Cabbage said. But the eggs vanished Sunday from the Kissimmee Prairie, probably plucked from their nest above marsh waters and eaten by an alligator or a snake.

The eggs, produced two weeks ago by a pair of 4-year-old whooping cranes, raised hopes that a species that had nearly disappeared was making a comeback.

Thousands of whooping cranes soared across the United States once, but settlers drained marshes and plowed prairies, destroying the crane's habitat.

bob brown