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Good news is always a pleasure to report. This whooper went missing in October but apparently its bonding with sandhill surrogates took well.

The following report is forwarded with permission from Tom Stehn, USFWS biologist and National Whooping Crane Coordinator.

CWS stands for Canadian Wildlife Service; USFSW is US Fish and Wildlife Service. Crane monitoring involves cooperative efforts and support by both countries.

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February 9, 1999:

     Kent Clegg (ultralight  project leader) notified me yesterday that the missing ultralight
     whooping crane has surfaced 22 miles north of Wilcox, AZ.  Its
     identity  was confirmed by an employee of AZ Game and Fish.  It had
     been seen this fall in northern NM and must have followed sandhills
     over to the Wilcox area, and is with sandhills.  The other
     ultralight whooper is wintering at Bosque del Apache NWR. Tom Stehn

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This report is archived on the Texas Whooping Cranes home page at:

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