An aerial census of the Aransas NWR and surrounding areas made
     11/05/98 revealed the presence of 16 adults and 0 young = 16
     whooping cranes.
     Recap of cranes observed: (16)
       Refuge   Lamar   San Jose   Matagorda  Welder  Other      Total
          9       1        4          2                            16 
     Remarks:  An estimated 9 cranes have arrived since the last flight
     on October 29.  The migration is more than a week behind schedule.
     Sightings indicate the whoopers are spead out between North Dakota
     and Texas, with a group of 13 documented in North Dakota on
     November 3rd, and 3 whoopers spending their second week on the
     Platte River in Nebraska.  Snow is forcast for this weekend in the
     crane migration corridor so the cranes are expected to move rapidly
     across the States within the next two weeks.
     Tides are still high at Aransas.