Date: Tue, 13 Oct 98 15:33:56 -0700
To: <>
Subject: Whooper migration

   Patty - Looks like the whooping migration will be later than expected this
   year.  The whoopers are currently staging in Saskatchewan, and we have had
   only one U.S. sighting of two whoopers in Mountrail County, North Dakota on
   October 2.  Normally, the average first arrival at Aransas in October 16th.
   But we have had only one low pressure system cross the U.S. and make it past
   the Texas coast, so there has been little to nudge the whooping cranes across
   the states.
   This pattern will change in a hurry once the weather becomes a little more
   wintry.  We have seen lots of white pelicans and hawk kettles, and snowbirds
   in their travel trailors (Winter Texans), but no whoopers so far.
   In the Rocky Mountains, one of the ultralight whooping cranes has migrated on
   to Monte Vista NWR in the San Luis Valley of Colorado as of October 10th.
   The whereabouts of the second ultralight whooper is unknown.  Both birds had
   been together in southeastern Idaho, but apparently split up.  Researcher
   Kent Clegg is scrambling to locate the second bird.  We hope it is okay.  It
   has conventional radio transmitters on each leg so hopefully Kent will come
   across the signal or someone will report seeing it.

    Tom Stehn