Date: Wed, 22 Jul 98 10:04:33 -0700
Subject: Relocation of Yellowstone whooper

  Following capture by Kent Clegg on July 20, one of the
  ultralight whooping cranes was transported by helicopter the
  following day from Lower Slough Creek in Yellowstone NP and
  released at Bechler Meadows in the southwest corner of the Park.
   The capture and transport went smoothly, and another
  conventional radio transmitter was placed on the crane to extend
  the time it can be tracked.  The ultralight whooping crane was
  released one meadow over from an adult cross-fostered whooping
  crane that has been summering at Bechler Meadows the last 7
  years.  As the helicopter departed, the adult whooper flew over
  and joined the ultralight whooper.  They are in excellent crane
  habitat and hopefully the two birds being together will increase
  the chances of survival for the ultralight whooper.
  The second ultralight whooping crane was not in circumstances
  where capture was possible.  This bird was associated with wild
  sandhills which makes it much more difficult to capture.  It
  will be monitored to see if it stays with sandhills or whether
  it goes back to allowing people to approach it closely.  John
  Varley of the Park, Kent Clegg and myself will be monitoring the
  situation and deciding as the situation develops if it would be
  best to try to capture the second ultralight crane and move it
  to Bechler Meadows also.  The decision will be based on the
  behavior of the ultralight whooper.  We would like to see the
  three whoopers together if possible, but capturing these birds
  is not always possible.