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Corpus Christi Hawkwatch
at Hazel Bazemore County Park

Corpus Christi, TX - Nueces County
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 Corpus Christi NEXRAD (base reflectivity)

Corpus Christi NEXRAD (SRM Radial Velocity)
Corpus Christi NEXRAD (Radar Summary)
History of the watch / info on the park / map & directions
Videos of hawk flights!

Raptor Identification Section
Photographic references of North American raptors

Enter-Training Thoughts
How do you count a kettle?

Smith Point Hawk Watch
NE Galveston Bay, Chambers County
Current info can be found on the Gulf Coast Birding Observatory site.
| 1998 | 1999 | 2000 |
Archival information can be found 
on the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department site.

Santa Ana NWR Hawk Watch
Texas valley, Hidalgo County
| 1999 |   


Hornsby Bend Hawk Watch
Hornsby Bend Birding Observatory central Texas, near Austin
Current information can be found at:  

Victoria Hawk Watch
| 1998 |   

More Goodies!

2008: new hawk watch platform dedicated and debuted!

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Joel Simon in conjunction with the Nueces County Commissioners Court and the Nueces County Parks Department, along with many other supporters, our dream of a hawk watch observation platform is now a reality!

Click on the image above to view photos of the February 16, 2008 dedication and ribbon-cutting ceremony.

2003 HMANA Conference - March 27-30, 2003:  It was awesome! Did you make it to the conference? No worries, if not. I've got you covered.  I never can take just one photo.  For this gig, I took several hundred and finally got a bunch of them sorted, tweaked, polished and beaten into shape for some slide shows: 

Raptor Related Newsgroups
TexBirds (AUDUBON listserv)
BirdHawk (HMANA listserv)

Raptor Rehabilitation
Mississippi Kites Release
- October 29, 1999

Raptor Selected Links
Hawk Migration Association of North America (HMANA)
Hawk Watch International (HWI)
The Peregrine Fund
Hawk Mountain Sanctuary
Brian K. Wheeler web site

Raptor Questions? Email us at hawks at ccbirding dot com

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