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Curriculum Vitae




-Grammar school Mendel College, Haarlem, Holland                                                 1990- 1996 (6 years; including the classic languages Latin and old Greek)

-English Language and Literature         University of Amsterdam, Holland                   1996- 1997

-Animal management, BSc                    Van Hall Institute Leeuwarden, Holland         1998- 2002

-Wildlife management    BSc-Honours  University of Pretoria, South-Africa                2003



                                                           Work experience:


-Asylum for exotic animals:                  Artisklas Haarlem, Holland                  1987- 1989

  animal husbandry

-Volunteer in animal keeping                Amsterdam zoo: Artis Amsterdam,      1989- 1995



-Education                                          HawkWatch International                    Sept.- Nov. 2001

(onsite and in classrooms)                    Corpus Christi, Texas, USA


-Education (onsite)                              HawkWatch International                    Sept.- Nov. 2002

                                                           Grand Canyon Arizona, USA


                                                           Internships and thesis:


-Internship (1 month)                           House of reptiles: Amsterdam zoo,       Aug.  1999



-Internship: determination of the           Carpathian Large Carnivore Project     Jan.- May 2000

  consumption rate of a wild wolf          Brasov, Romania

  (Canis lupus) (4 months)


-Internship: population-research           ‘Vereniging Natuurmonumenten’          March- July 2002

on adders (Vipera berus)                     Dieverbrug, Drenthe, Holland

(4 months)


-Thesis: collecting data                         HawkWatch International                    Sept.- Nov. 2001

                                                           Corpus Christi, Texas, USA


- Project: Anglo Platinum mine:            Centre for Wildlife management            March- Dec. 2003

management plan for a conservation     Pretoria, South Africa

 to be erected; Mpumalanga


Note:    in possession of standard driver’s license.