MAY 2006: Roland's still traveling! In Spring 2006, Roland found himself back in Africa after a fact-finding and 'gator training trip to the USA in fall 2005. In April 2006 Roland began his latest research project out of Pretoria, South Africa. Roland also set up a blog journaling his progress and adventures. Check it out at - now you can read each new post as soon as he uploads it! We'll continue to carry the photos of his adventures on this site, however; the blog doesn't allow for nearly as many as we all want to see!  

JULY 2003: Welcome to the home page of Roland Zoer!  Inside find a collection of photos from Roland's adventures around the world in the pursuit of knowledge, great beer and good times with friends! 

I first met Roland when he came to work at the Corpus Christi Hawk Watch in 2001 as Education Director. You can see the results of his efforts on the Texas Hawk Watches web site.  A research position in the Grand Canyon, Arizona (USA) (another Hawk Watch International job) came the next year. Romania and Africa quickly followed and Roland has barely stopped to catch his breath! 

The only way we'll ever hope to keep up with him is to lasso some photos from time to time. Roland's generously shared his photos from Romania and Africa, and we're busy trying to con even more out of him as you read this! 

So sit back, grab a cold one and enjoy the incredible sights and sounds of wolves in Romania and the African wilds! Keep checking back ... you just never know where Roland is going to end up next!  

with affection,

Patty Waits Beasley

    Where In the World Is Roland Zoer? Waldo has nothing on Roland! Just follow his tracks below!

2006 - Back to South Africa! - Pretoria & Kalahari - Swaziland & Natal 
2005 - America - Part One - Part Two
2003 - Africa! - here and there
2003 - Africa - Amandbult - Limpopo Province, South Africa
2003 - Romania!


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