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In the Beginning ... there was the chassis ....
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Under the hood ...
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Front view ...
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Inside ...
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That was then ....
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And this is NOW!

This car was purchased in 2004 to make a vintage race car; one that is unique.

It took about two years to finish the body and chassis. At that point, I retired and moved to Texas, taking the car with me. The engine was installed and the brakes, steering and wiring were completed in 2007 in time for its first outing in September. The event was a CVAR vintage race at TWS (Texas World Speedway). The next event was again at TWS in February, 2008.

The philosophy behind the construction of this car was to produce a vintage-legal car that was safe, reliable, easy-to-drive and did not require extensive maintenance. I decided on a mildly-tuned engine in order to develop the chassis and intended to later improve the power to make the car more competitive.

The car has been inspected and passed by CVAR tech for both safety and class rules compliance. It has been raced twice since completion.

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Texas World Speedway
maiden voyage
Log Book - front Roll cage Chassis P1800 Rotisserie


·       Engine and suspension removed and body put on rotisserie for undercoat removal and repair of driver’s floor and jack wings with new metal parts.*

·       Body set on chassis jig to check for trueness and to install roll cage.*

·       Bumpers removed, hole cut in front valance for oil cooler opening.

·       Small chin spoiler added to valance to promote a low pressure area behind the radiator to improve cooling airflow.

·       Inside fender lips rolled for additional tire clearance to use wheel spacers. 

Suspension and Brakes:

·       Front, ’70 P1800 double A-arms with shorter, stiffer springs to lower car.  Bilstein shock absorbers.  Stock steering gearbox and column.*

·       Rear, live axle from ’70 P1800E suspended by shorter, coil springs and Bilstein shocks.*  Located by four trailing arms and a Panhard rod.

·       Rear brakes are the stock two-piston calipers that came with the ’70 rear axle.  Front brakes are Volvo four-piston calipers from the ’70 P1800E.*

·       Dual m/c with Tilton bias brake and clutch pedal assy.  SS flex lines.

·       New tie rod ends, ball joints, bushings and wheel bearings.

·       IPD front and rear sway bars. 


·       Volvo B-20 (2 liter) w/ Volvo rally-spec cam.*   Head is milled, ported and port matched to manifolds. Estimated 11.75:1 compression ratio.  Pistons, valves and rods are balanced Volvo items.  

·       The carbs are 1 ¾” SU HS-6 units prepared for racing w/ velocity stacks and K&N filters. They sit on a ported stock Volvo manifold.  The exhaust header is Jet-Hot coated.   

·        The exhaust pipe is 2 ¼” tubing with an oval-shaped tube exiting in front of the right rear wheel.*

·        Ignition is Volvo distributor with optical trigger and a Bosch “blue” coil. 

·       The engine prep by a Florida Volvo specialist who used it in his P1800ES to win the Central Florida region F-production SCCA championship (2006).


·        Freshened (valve job, rings and bearings)

·        The engine dynoed at 140hp. (Pinnacle Motorsports of Fort Worth, 1/2008).  In its last outing (Feb. ’08) it either spun a main bearing or broke the oil pump shaft causing loss of oil pressure.  The engine will have to be rebuilt.  A spare, stock Volvo B-18 (1.8 liter) engine included if one desires to prepare the car for vintage F-production.  


·       Transmission is a stock Volvo 4-spd unit w/ new motor and trany mounts.

·       Clutch is a Borg and Beck unit with a lightened flywheel.  Activation is by hydraulic master and slave cylinders.  All parts except the flywheel are new, including the t/o bearing and pilot bearing.

·       The driveshaft was built by Mickey’s in Fort Myers, Fl using a front half from the ’65 P1800S and the rear section from the ’70 P800E.  New u-joints and center bearing were installed.

·       New TrueTrac limited slip for Dana 30, 4.10:1 rear end. 


·      Radiator is from Volvo 240 and has an additional row of cooling fins.  It also weighs approx. 12# less than stock P1800 unit.  A water filler/thermostat housing unit was custom-fabricated to raise the filler cap to the highest point possible to insure no air pockets exist in radiator or engine.  Twelve inch electric cooling fan.  New hoses.

·      Oil cooler is a 13-row Mocal unit.  All oil hoses are braided stainless with AN-10 fittings.  A Mocal engine block-mounted adapter is used to route hoses to the cooler, an Oberg remote filter and Accusump engine pre-oiler with check valve.  The Accusump is located in the driver’s compartment and is manually operated.* 

·       An 8,000 RPM SW tachometer with Autometer mechanical gauges including, oil and water temps and oil pressure.  Additionally, an aircraft-type dual EGT gauge is installed in the otherwise stock Volvo dash.*

·      There are five Superlite 15x6” wheels with mounted Hoosier Speedster vintage-legal tires plus four Volvo P1800E wheels with old tires that are used for trailering and shop roll-around. Long wheel studs were installed and ½” spacers used.

·      Twelve gallon Fuel Safe cell mounted in a fabricated frame with a Carter electric fuel pump and Jeg’s filter in the trunk connected to a fuel pressure regulator and fuel distribution block w/under hood gauge which measures pressure supplied to the twin SU carbs.*

·      The battery is a gel-type unit mounted in a box in the trunk behind the right rear wheel well.  There is a cut-off switch on top of the right rear fender.  There is also a charging port in the rear bodywork.

·      The roll bar is an eight-point cage installed by E.J. Trivette of North Fort Myers, Fl, a race car builder and former NASCAR driver.*  It features a bar that protects the fuel cell from rear collision.

·      The seat is an upholstered aluminum unit by Beherents, mounted to a framework welded to the cage.  It is adjustable with fast pins.

·      The safety net is custom-made by TeamTech to fit the Volvo.  It utilizes an automotive seatbelt-type release.

·      The 5-point camlock seatbelt system is by TeamTech also and features padded shoulder straps and a sternum strap for additional protection.

·      There is an amber LED rain light in addition to standard brake lights as required by CVAR.*

The car also included:

  • B-18 engine (stock) 

  • ’65 P1800 front suspension

  • Misc. Volvo items

  • Spare u-joints

  • Spare stock transmission (4-spd.)

  • Springs of different rate and height

20’ Cherokee enclosed tandem trailer w/winch and canopy.

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