A'ho, ciao and welcome! After all the pages and sites I've done for other folks throughout the years, I guess it's about time I did a site for Bill and I. These pages are intended to make it easier to share photos and memories with our family and friends, but anyone is welcome to browse, of course. We hope you enjoy the visit, and don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or want to share any thoughts. Our email links are at the bottom of the page.

Of course, if you REALLY want to know, up to the minute, what we're doing and what we're getting into, then check out all of the other sites on this domain. Between the hawks, the whooping cranes and heritage activities; we keep pretty busy! This site is more or less a catch-all for what doesn't fit onto those other sites. <grin!> 

January 18, 2008: Click HERE to download Brother Walter Knight's January 18th memorial service program and the Rockport First Baptist Church bulletin announcing his passing. The file is in Adobe PDF format and runs 7.75MB.
December 05, 2007: Working on the coast (literally) has definite advantages. This morning, I was taking a break, walking along the bulkhead behind my Port Aransas, TX research laboratory, hoping for some shots of the newly-arrived white pelican winter residents. While observing and photographing a trio, the pod of dolphins that claims our bulkhead area as territory began hunting along the shelf between our bulkhead and the ship channel. Then they began playing. That was too good to resist! Click here to see some of the amazing results. Some days, it really does boil down to just plain, pure-dee luck!
December 01, 2007: The 2007 Rockport, TX, Christmas Festival had a bonus event this year with a live demonstration of aikido by Sensei Larry's students. Click here to check out the moves!

December 01, 2007: The 2007 Rockport, TX, Christmas Festival spanned two days and for a December weekend, the weather couldn't have been better (well, we could have done with 20mph less wind, but hey, this *is* the coast!). From the BOAT PARADE and tree lighting to the NIGHT PARADE to FIREWORKS and all kinds of foods, exhibits, kites, and treasure hunts in between, this fest had it all! Click the highlighted key words to see photos from each of the selected events. 

November 04, 2007: You're going to love this one! My family moved to San Antonio in 1972. I've lived there off and on for years. Bill was born and raised in Rockport, a mere 156 miles away (yes, mere, this is Texas, after all). Neither one of us has ever traveled the Missions Trail! We've both been to the Alamo, of course; multiple times for me. But the rest of the missions eluded us, until this year. And it took our best friends from Oklahoma to show us the way! We had a ball and being photographers all, brought back a lot of digital memories between the four of us. Since we'd all been to the Alamo, and (more importantly) since time was a bit skimpier than we'd have liked the day we were visiting, we opted to skip the Alamo and go to the other four missions that Bill and I hadn't seen yet. Click here to come along with us. 
October 31, 2007: (Wow, an update! Finally! Yeah, yeah, I know!) Welcome to the 2007 First Annual Official Free Halloween Scary Movie Night  at the Beasleys! Thanks to help from the Jacobs family, too, and the Guzmans, and the Stevens, we monster-mashed for hours as trick-or-treaters floated by. Click here to join in the fun!
November, 2004: Roger and Terry Beasley Hill Country property
December 17, 2003: Patty's lab held its annual Christmas potluck dinner tonight. The highlight of the night (besides all the delicious goodies to munch on!) was a surprise giveaway by Frank and Mary Castille in the form of a White Elephant Rounder. Everyone draws numbers and the #1 person grabs a gift and opens it. The #2 person can either steal #1's gift, or draw and open their own. The next person in line can steal any of the gifts already opened or draw a new one and open it. Once a gift changes hands three times, it stays with that third home. What a hoot! The gifts were hilarious and cute, but the planned theft between the assorted crowd stole the show! Check out the hilarity by clicking here!
June 21-22, 2003: Patty's mom's sister, Mary Lewis, arrived in Texas for her first visit in over eight years! Here are some pics from the first two days in state, visiting dad's site at the Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery (still had to pass ID checkpoints on base to get there thanks to souped up post-911 security measures). Mom celebrated her birthday Sunday, and we helped by consuming mass quantities of really good food at Marie Callender's. 
June 7, 2003: 3rd Coast Squadron D-Day Air Show. This show is a fund raiser for the World War II museum on site at the Alice, TX airport. Visit their home on the web here. Click this link to see our photos from the 2003 show.

November 16, 2002: We went from Turtle Island to the Hawaiian Islands in one day, without even leaving San Antonio! How did we manage that without cashing in frequent flyer miles? We joined the Veterans Day Powwow at Fort Sam Houston in the morning and then changed in time to join O'Hana at their annual Christmas dinner, held this year at the Magic Time Machine! Slide shows are being prepared; O'Hana's on-line album is now up! 

September, 2002:  We took a long overdue vacation, trekking about in  New Mexico and Colorado in September, 2002. Click on the link to see a photo album slide show of the trip highlights. 

Below is the original quick-n-dirty album I threw together. I left it up as it contains descriptive labels of each photo. The pages may take a little while to load, depending on your connection speed. 

April 2001: Services for Patty's dad (RW Waits, February 8, 1924 - April 12, 2001)
November, 2000: The Beasley clan (most of us!) at Goliad for Thanksgiving.   Pg 1  |  Pg 2  |  Pg 3  |  Pg 4  |  Pg 5  |  Pg 6  |  Pg 7  |  Pg 8  |  Pg 9  |

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