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August 20, 2007 meeting notes:

Last month a mean little storm called "Dean" came up, as has happened before, just as we were planning on having SIG meetings. This meant leaving everyone up in the air for whether we would meet or not. With our CAUG projector on the blink and the pressure on work and home preparedness, and two of the storm prediction models pointed at us, I decided to call off the meeting early on so we could concentrate on what was urgent and in plenty of time.

As it turned out, the DigiCam SIG met without incident the following night, but it was decided a bit later. I'm glad we at least had that one. We will meet as scheduled this month, so keep your mice, graphics tablets, and programs warmed up. A notice was sent announcing CompUSA having the combination of Photoshop Elements 5.0 and their movie editing program, Premiere Elements 3.0 combined for an amazing $50 after 2 rebates. Keep your eyes out for those Sunday ads which often have the best deals if you get your rebates and you are upgrading from a qualified previous software.

If you are keeping up with Dave Johnson via PCWorld's free Digital Focus newsletter, he received many requests to explain software adjustments using Photoshop Elements instead of our favorite Paint Shop Pro in early August. Comments about the change were encouraged, so I hope you wrote to him or will write him. He is smart, easy to understand, humorous, and (mostly) unbiased about equipment and software's pros and cons. He is my hero and antithesis! And all I can say about the upcoming Paint Shop Pro X2 annuity is: Take note of the changing tide, your wonderful software's survival could well depend on getting your raw file conversion act together...

See you the third Monday, September 17 at 7pm in the Retama Room of the Central Library near downtown Corpus Christi.

Trying not to be too Graphic,
Bruce Switalla

P.S. Be sure to invite Dave to any of our meetings when writing him ;-)


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