Photo assignments:

Full Eclipse of the Full Moon -
Oct 27, 2004

Once again, the Coastal Bend (and most of the world!) was treated to a full eclipse of the full moon. This one happened to eclipse the October harvest moon, which lent the event a cast of deep red light - affectionately called the "Blood Moon."

Our members were out enjoying a rare clear night and brought in some wonderful photos.

For some really fabulous amateur and professional shots from around the hemisphere, check out NASA's Space Weather's Lunar Eclipse Gallery. This is without doubt one of the most fantastic sites on the entire world wide web (and a marvelous place for a photographer to get some exposure and publishing credit!). 

Once you've engaged the slide show page, just hit "PLAY" to run the slide show. If you want to pause at any time, simply hit "STOP" and the show will stop on that slide. Hit "PLAY" to pick up the show from where you stopped and it will resume. The show will loop until you tell it to stop again, or return to the Photo Assignments page. Enjoy!

Click on the following link to see the photos: 

Blood Moon - Oct 2004


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