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Full Eclipse of the Full Moon
May 16, 2003

On the evening of May 16, 2003 south Texas was treated to the rare sight of a full moon fully eclipsed by the earth's shadow. Despite a horrible layer of smoke and haze (from weeks on end of smoke from burning agricultural fields in southern Mexico and Central America) and the addition of evening coastal high humidity clouds, photographers persevered to get shots of this fascinating phenomenon. Check out the results from the contributors below. Everyone agreed it was definitely a learning experience, and a good warm up for the next full moon full eclipse, which is slated to occur again in November, 2003. 

For some really fabulous amateur and professional shots from around the hemisphere, check out NASA's Space Weather's Lunar Eclipse Gallery. This is without doubt one of the most fantastic sites on the entire world wide web (and a marvelous place for a photographer to get some exposure and publishing credit!). 

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