Meetings held at:
Parkdale Library
1230 Carmel Parkway
Corpus Christi, TX 78411


Lessons and PowerPoint presentations (listed oldest first, newest last; please scroll down to see the latest additions):

1. Metering - light metering

2. Focus - focus tricks and tips
3. Flash - how to use your flash to optimize and customize photos
4. Panoramic demo - stitching demonstration; how to paste a series of photos together to get one big landscape photo. Program used for demo: JASC After Shot. Engine used for stitching:  Enroute's ImageSynthesis. 
5. Digitizing 35mm slides from home - John Hoffman has devised an ingenious method to digitize those hundreds and thousands of 35mm slides we've all got lying around the house in dusty boxes. Only a little assembly is required; anyone can build one of these useful stands for pennies, compared to the cost of a commercial digitizer. 
6. Camera's menus - just what in the world do all those little screens and buttons do?! 
7. Silhouettes - we see them every day, but the use of silhouettes is still considered an exotic technique. We'll tell you what they are; why we do (or should) use them; and give you tips on how to create them. 
8. Close-up photography (macros) - getting up close and personal with your photography. How to shoot those super close-up shots.  
9. Wildflowers - how to shoot them, where to find them and how to identify them.  
10. Action Shots - tips and tricks on how to use digital cameras to capture action shots.  
11. Exposure Values - what the heck does that EV indicator mean, and how do I use it?  
12. DPI - what is it, how do I change it, and why should I care? (Adobe PDF article; download the free reader at
13. How to convert your digital photos into a memorable VCD slide show! Computers are getting more powerful, hard drives are getting bigger and cheaper and we're getting more sophisticated every day in how we manipulate and share our digital treasures. Ben Luna shows us how to organize our images, thoughts and music and bring them all together into a VCD slide show.
14. Architecture Photography - tips and tricks and how-to's. 
15. White Balance - tips and tricks and how-to's - a presentation by John Hoffmann. 
16. Using Windows MovieMaker v2 - a presentation by Chuck Guion and Patty Beasley. 
17. Harnessing Histograms - a presentation by Brian Jacobs. 
18. Photographing Water - a presentation by Patty Beasley. 
19. Photographing Wildflowers - tips, tricks, ideas, locations, and resources for all. A presentation by Patty Beasley. 
20. Shooting black and white - tips, tricks, ideas, locations, and resources for shooting black and white or converting your color to grey scale/black and white. A presentation at the August 2005 meeting by Bruce Switalla. 
21. How to add a touch of color to your photo, by Ben Luna. This is an Adobe PDF file which can be opened with Adobe's free reader, if you don't already have it installed on your computer.  
22. Another great lesson on the mechanics of color in photography, this one by Ken Parsons. This was originally a DVD but the stills present the information well all on their own.   
23. Using a flash - so now what do I do with it? Bruce Switalla runs down the do's and don'ts of flash photography in his March 2007 presentation to the DigiCam SIG. Check out his notes by clicking the link.    
24. EXIF information - so what information do you  need to use and to tell other people when I finally get that Pulitzer Prize-winning shot? The EXIF has it all! Ben Luna put together a sampler image of what we'll be presenting to our own membership, to share baseline shooting info for our most valued shots. Click on the link to see a Ben's sample image.
25. HDR (High Dynamic Range) images - Ben Luna gives us the run down of a new perspective in photographic post-production processing with this lesson on High Dynamic Range. HDR processing works with the full range of tonality present in the scene. Click HERE to view the presentation slide show. Click HERE to view the flash gallery of sample photos prepared by Ben.  

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