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Audubon utdoor Club
of Corpus Christi

Who are we? 

The Audubon Outdoor Club of Corpus Christi, Inc. (AOC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to educational, scientific, literary and charitable pursuits involving all aspects of birding. One of the most recent activities of the Audubon Outdoor Club has been involvement with the Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail and events along the Central Texas Coast for the The Great Texas Birding Classic.

Meetings are held once a month, every second Tuesday, and club-sponsored field trips are held an average of twice a month, in addition to participation in and support of local, area, and regional birding festivals and activities.

Local RBA's: 

The AOC database is maintained by Nancy Devlin and Margie Di Clemente (361.949-3552). Please email all sightings (yes, folks, they mean ALL sightings!) to them at .

RBA's can be found archived at


Like to be outdoors? 

Non-members are invited to join members on field trips (in the hope you'll soon be members!) and in AOC-supported activities and facilities. Some of these include regular maintenance and upkeep of bird protectant and attractant plants, cover and shrubs in Blucher Park in downtown Corpus Christi behind the Main Library. Blucher Park has long been known as one of the major hot spots in the state for migratory passerines and is one of over a dozen Corpus Christi area locations on the Great Texas Birding Trail. In the true spirit of community cooperation, the city of Corpus Christi and AOC members find common ground to promote birding. City workers oversee major park needs, while AOC volunteers meet each Monday evening at the city park to mulch, clean and plant bird and habitat attractant shrubs, trees and plants.

Club owned and managed sanctuaries include the Fred Jones Nature Sanctuary west of the city of Portland; the Louise Trant Sanctuary just north of the city of Rivera; and the Held/Moran Nature Preserve in the Flour Bluff area of Corpus Christi.