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Central Texas Coast Birding Patches

Birds don't have the monopoly on colorful plumages any more! Many birders now sport pins and patches that rival nature's best works. Cities, parks, provinces, states, and all kinds of entities are seeing economic proof of the value of eco-tourism, and have come up with their own unique souvenir and/or commemorative pins and patches for completing a list of birds in a given place, or just to show you've been there, done that. The Central Texas Coast is no exception, and we can hold our own in the patch collecting end.

The Audubon Outdoor Club of Corpus Christi sells club patches for $4.00 to members ($5.00 to non-members), decals for $1.00, and T-shirts for $15.00 featuring the club mascot, a Black-bellied Whistling Duck. To order, send a stamped, self-addressed envelope with a check or money order to:  
Audubon Outdoor Club  
P.O. Box 3352  
Corpus Christi, TX 78463 

The City of Aransas Pass patch features the Brown Pelican. Patches can be ordered by contacting the Aransas Pass Visitor's Center at (361) 758-2750. 

Under Construction ...

The City of Corpus Christi features patches of their mascot, the Laughing Gull. The patches will be sold for $3.00 and will be available at any one of the three Corpus Christi Visitor's Centers. Patches can also be ordered by contacting the Visitor's Center at (800) 678-6232.  

The City of Port Aransas, TX, located at the north end of Mustang Island has put a Roseate Spoonbill on its patch. Contact the Port Aransas Visitor's Center at (361) 749-5919. 

The City of Kingsville and the Bird & Wildlife Club of Kingsville, TX have adopted the Green Jay as their official bird. You can purchase a Kingsville Green Jay patch for $4.00 if you stop by the Kingsville Visitors' Center on Highway 77 at Corall Street or by calling (800) 333-5032. 

The King Ranch is the largest working cattle ranch in the United States, and has proven the value of range management practices. A new facet to their management of resources is entry into the eco-tourism industry, conducting birding tours of ranch and range lands not normally open or accessible to the general public. A new patch for their tours commemorating one of our most colorful migrants, the Vermilion Flycatcher, is now available for $5. Contact the King Ranch Nature Tours at (361) 592-8055.


Around the last week of April each year, during Texas' amazing spring migration, Texas Parks and Wildlife, Texas Partners in Flight and Texas Audubon Society sponsor the Great Texas Birding Classic. During this week-long tournament, birders from around the globe converge on the Texas coast for fun and friendly competitive birding. In honor of this cooperative effort to raise funds for avian habitat conservation in Texas are two colorful patches. The blue on white Great Texas Birding Classic patch and the white on brown Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail patch can be obtained from the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department for $4 each. Stickers are available at $1 each. Call 888-TX-BIRDS or visit their web site.
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