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Upcoming Field Trips & Events


Audubon Outdoor Club Field Trips 2014-2015
(see newsletters for complete trip details)
(all telephone numbers have 361 area code unless otherwise listed)


Sept 9         Tuesday afternoon, Fred Jones

                                      Bob and Jo Creglow, 361-241-0422

Sept 27       Celebration of Flight, Hazel Bazemore           

                                 Jo Creglow, 361-241-0422

Oct 10        Friday afternoon, Tule Lake

                                 Judy Kestner, 361-701-1962

Nov 15*     Rockport Pathways

                                        Debra Corpora, 361-727-0730




Jan. 10        Private ranch near Victoria

                                           Lyndon Holcomb, 361-563-5621

Jan 23         Friday afternoon, Port A Birding Center

                                                   John Shreves, 361-949-4984

Jan 24*       Guadalupe River Road

                                                Debra Corpora, 361-727-0730

Jan 31         King Ranch, fee, make reservations 

                                             Tom Langschied, 361-522-7849

Feb 7          Tivoli and private ranch

                                                     Dallas Ford, 361-649-0351

March 7      Santa Ana NWR (and ?)

                                                   Larry Jordan, 361-443-6799

March 28    Attwater Prairie Chicken Weekend, fee, make

                    reservations        Claudia Dorn, 361-813-5767

March 29*  Sunday, Goose Island State Park

                                               Debra Corpora, 361-727-0730    

April 24      Friday afternoon, Hans Suter Refuge

                                     Theresa Guerra, 361-777-3991 (day)

May 2         Polliwog Ponds       Dane Ferrell, 361-830-6393

May 8         Friday afternoon, Paradise Pond

Aug 29       Hazel Bazemore       Jo Creglow, 361-241-0422


* with the Aransas Bird and Nature Club

Start times and places  will be announced in the newsletter.



Call Jo Creglow at 361-241-0422 if you have a suggestion for a trip or want to volunteer as a leader.