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November 2005: Whooping Crane sighted in Corpus Christi, November 4-5, 2005! Click HERE for the story and pics ...

Excerpted from the April 21, 1999 TEXBIRDS newsgroup:

NOTE: The page linked in the following message contains two photos and takes awhile to download. Be patient, it's worth it for a look at this rare hawk! Thanks and hugs to Laura Sare for locating the hawk and getting the word out to the Panhandle Bird Club members.

Date:    Wed, 21 Apr 1999 20:34:24 -0500
From:    Billie Shalvey <bshalvey@TCAC.NET>
Subject: RBA - Common Black Hawk, Amarillo, TX

Today was a record day in the Texas Panhandle.  Several members of  the Panhandle Bird Club observed an adult male Common Black Hawk.  He was spotted throughout the day across the street/bridge from the spillway located on the north lake of Thompson Municipal Park, Amarillo, Texas.  What got this fellow off his usual course....nobody knows; however, he sure was a delight and thrill to watch.

Billie Shalvey
Panhandle Bird Club
Amarillo, Texas


03-14-99:    Snail kite photos taken by Bob Rozinski & Wendy Shattil at a south Texas private ranch near Bentsen State Park in the Texas valley. These photos are posted on Greg Lasley's web site; click HERE to go to his site and view the photos. Greg notes this is possibly only the second official sighting of a snail kite in Texas (still in the confirmation process with the Texas Rare Birds Committee). Check out Greg's other photos on his site while you're there; some really impressive photography to be found.


03-10-99:    Black-tailed gull, seen at the Brownsville City dump. Photos by .


03-10-99:    Hook-billed kite, black phase (permanent color morph). Click HERE to link to Greg Lasley's page with two photos of this very unusual kite, found in the Texas Valley at Bentsen State Park, along the Rio Grande River. Photos by Jim Culverson, December, 1998. Kite seen since then in February and March, 1999.


Stygian Owl, possibly first US record, at Bentsen State Park, December 9, 1994. Photos by . Click links to view photo 1 (179 kb size) or photo 2 (124 kb size).


Green-breasted Mango, 6th US record, December 1997, Corpus Christi, Texas, home of . Photo by Dennis Haessley, Plainfield, Wisconsin. Click link to view photo (154 kb size).


Red-tail Hawk, albinistic (all feathers are white, but normal color to eyes), near Beeville, Texas. This hawk has been a regular winter resident for years near Beeville. Photo by . Click link to view photo 1 (65.3 kb size) or photo 2 (72 kb size).


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